Pernille Spang Lyndegaard

Marketing Advisor

Pernille has 4 years of experience with sales and marketing from her position as Scandinavian Product Manager at L’Oréal and latest as Marketing Manager at the Danish startup Fishtrip.

She also founded obodo, the Airbnb for office spaces. Pernille holds a M.Sc. in International Business and a B.Sc. in Business Administration, both from Copenhagen Business School.

She also holds exams from Harvard Business School and National Chengchi University. Pernille will be advising on all matters related to marketing, communications and user growth.

What’s a fun fact about Pernille?

I’m a reverse vegetarian (don’t eat any fruits and only a few vegetables)

What’s her best sharing experience?

Pernille uses GoMore in every possible way! She leases her car from GoMore so other users can rent her car when she doesn’t use it. She offers rides to other users when she have available seats and she rides with other users when she needs a ride.