How the Future of the Sharing Economy Leads to New Marketplaces

The second wave of the sharing economy phenomena has hit. With the emergence of hundreds of ecommerce marketplaces in the last decade, we are now starting to see the growth of new startups in support of these major platforms to make peer to peer interaction even better. In other words, entrepreneurs are realizing that large […]

What Exactly Is ‘Growth Hacking’?

As we wrote in a previous post, the startup world has a unique vocabulary of its own. We last explored the infamous term “hustle”, and how it has sparked debates in entrepreneurship circles about what constitutes success and a solid work ethic. Today, we’d like to examine another esoteric phrase: “Growth Hacking”. If you’ve ever […]

An Examination Of Hustle Culture

If you’re new to the startup game, chances are you’ve heard plenty of new and unfamiliar terms. Startup and entrepreneur culture have become increasingly intertwined in the past decade, and so too has the accompanying lingo. ‘Hustle’ culture has become the norm in the vernacular of entrepreneurs and startups, everywhere.  Entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk built […]

How Can Large Platforms Make Their Communities Safer?

We’ve already written about how deemly can help new platforms cultivate a sustainable user base. Pulling ratings and reviews from multiple platforms helps users make informed decisions about each other and is the foundation for building a sustainable community. But what about larger platforms who have their own set of problems? Woes Of Larger Platforms […]

What Are The Core Elements Of A Quality Rating System?

Recently, we’ve talked about the importance of rating systems on sharing platforms, and in particular, the advantages of pulling reviews from multiple platform’s rating systems. But what actually makes for a good rating system? Why might one be better than another? If you’re a platform designer, think about the effect your review system will have […]

What Should Sharing Economy Professionals Read?

There is more information available online than we could ever hope to read. If you want to research a specific topic or stay up-to-date about a specific industry, you need to identify trustworthy sources of information. Here at deemly, we know it’s necessary to keep up with the latest developments and trends in the sharing […]

What’s More Important: Design or Functionality?

Ideally, your platform should be easy to use and work just as intended. Some people will give the easy answer that a savvy entrepreneur should strike a balance between their platform’s design and function. That answer doesn’t consider the monetary reality that many startups face.  If you’re a smaller or newer startup, you might not […]

How Does Pulling Ratings & Reviews From Other Platforms Help Your Users?

Review systems are the lynchpin of the sharing economy. They provide an incentive for good behavior and prevent unsavory individuals from repeatedly taking advantage of others. Pulling ratings and reviews from other platforms is especially smart, as it gives your users much more information about each other than your platform can provide alone.  Don’t believe […]


How Does Deemly Make Review Systems Fair And Secure?

Let’s talk about reviews. Here at Deemly, we’re always looking to learn more about how reviews affect other individuals’ behavior in peer-to-peer marketplaces. In a previous infographic, we examined how users interpret and consider reviews on platforms. Instead, let’s look more in-depth at the review systems. Platforms should keep two goals in mind when designing […]

venture capital

Where In The World Is All The Venture Capital?

Where in the world is all the venture capital (VC)? In my last post, I talked a bit about different ways startups raise funds. I also outlined equity crowdfunding as a possible alternative to traditional VCs. In particular, I wrote that equity crowdfunding makes sense when you live in a country that does not have […]

Equity Crowdfunding: A New Hope For Sharing Economy Entrepreneurs?

Early-stage startups often spend much time deciding how best to raise money. Traditionally, startups courted venture capitalists (VCs)  in exchange for funds and the investor’s expertise. This way, startups could rely on ‘smart money’, or funds that come with industry expertise. However, finding and building a successful relationship with a venture capitalist takes time and […]

How To Maximize Your Productivity On A Business Trip

Many people travel for business nowadays – traveling between different cities and countries all over the world. It’s an enjoyable perk, but remember, it isn’t a vacation. In fact, especially if you’re employed at a startup, you might have to work harder on a trip than you would at the office. Why? Well, you not only […]

future sharing economy

Too Big To Fail? The Future Of The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is famous for utilizing innovative technologies to rethink conventional business models. Despite being a relatively new industry, the sharing economy has already started to out-compete traditional companies, like taxis and hotel corporations. The industry has also proven extremely agile, as entrepreneurs are willing and able to continually incorporate new technologies into their […]

work home

How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

It’s become increasingly common for people to work remotely for employers thousands of miles away. But if you don’t work remotely, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunity to occasionally work away from the office. An in-person team is important for morale, office camaraderie, and brainstorming and meetings. But it can be […]

deemly score

How a High Deemly Score Makes Your Users More Trustworthy and Attractive

Online reputation lays at the core of the sharing economy, allowing users to safely and successfully manage all their transactions. As the collaborative industry keeps growing, peer-to-peer platforms need to build a solid database of trustworthy users that will consequently contribute to the further development of a sustainable online community.  Deemly Trust Profile The Trust […]

The End of One Hit Wonders?

Until around ten years ago, entertainers of all kinds – singers, bands, songwriters, and actors – have burst into the spotlight from nowhere only to fade into relative obscurity after their hit song or popular movie falls out of favor. Such celebrities are only known for a single hit song or movie and struggle to […]

Techfestival sharing economy

Summary from Techfestival: Framing a conversation on governance in the sharing economy

The last couple of years I’ve had 1000s of conversations about the sharing economy with entrepreneurs, politicians, citizens, investors and industry leaders. My learnings from those conversations can be boiled down to a number of ways we might govern this expanding industry. Although, I’m not a policy maker. Which is why I was thrilled to […]

Can Your CEO’s Public Profile be a Tool for Company Growth?

A CEO is traditionally the face of a company – the boss of all the bosses. In smaller startups, CEOs engage in fundraising, partnership buildings, sales, and often have a finger in every activity of the company. It’s particularly important for startups who have little to no brand recognition to build their CEO’s public persona […]

female entrepreneurs in the sharing economy

4 More Inspirational Figures in the Sharing Economy

As an idealistic and ambitious team, we’re often inspired by individuals whose projects have positive social, economic, and environmental effects.  In a previous post, we profiled a few female entrepreneurs whose character, success, and work we admire and hope to emulate. We’ve decided to return to this topic, and share a few more of our […]

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