3 Tips for Staying Productive if You Work Remotely

Many companies now allow team members to work from home, and startups in particular often have to search outside their country of origin to find the talent they need. If you’re an aspiring freelancer there are many ways to find work with companies all around the world. Even if you don’t work for a company […]


6 Digital Trends For B2B Businesses In The Sharing Economy

The technology age has witnessed a profound revolution of our society, from new digital trends to the rise of the sharing economy. These changes are disrupting the traditional consumers’ habits and their ways of approaching businesses. With this continuous development of technology, companies started to invest in new resources, in order to efficiently improve the […]

3 Companies Who Made Strategic Changes To Meet The Sharing Economy

Consumer’s behavior is always evolving, shaped by society’s major changes like the digital revolution. The rise of the sharing economy offered a new way to do business, in association with a boom in peer-to-peer platforms, which lowered transaction costs for users. Thanks to these new and cheaper alternatives, lots of businesses have been disrupted and […]


4 Inspirational Figures in the Sharing Economy

  As an idealistic and ambitious startup, we’re often inspired by individuals whose projects have positive social, economic, and environmental effects.  We’ve decided to profile a few female entrepreneurs whose character, success, and work we admire and hope to emulate.   Lisa Gansky Lisa Gansky recognized the sharing economy’s potential for worldwide industry disruption as […]

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New research: Reputation pays off in the sharing economy

Building trust is crucial for any peer-to-peer marketplace or sharing economy business to ensure activity and engagement for their community. New research explores the value of reputation based on rating and review systems as the most valuable mechanism. The study published recently by German researchers was based on data from the most well-known sharing platform Airbnb and […]

Infographic: How Ratings And Reviews Affect Consumer’s Decision

Ratings and reviews have never had a stronger influence on consumer’s decision like in the digital era. The development of the sharing economy enabled people to share goods and services with complete strangers, but they can’t verify their trustworthiness based on personal recommendation. In fact, users have to rely on ratings and reviews to evaluate […]

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6 Tips To Grow Your Sharing Economy Business

Every day, new businesses are launched in the sharing economy ecosystem. According to Benita Matofska’s report, 7,500 sharing economy platforms were reported in 2015. This trend is not going to slow down and economic thinkers are predicting that by 2030 we will be more likely to rent things than owning them. In fact, consumers’ behavior is […]

5 Innovative French Startups In The Sharing Economy

Despite its title of worst interpersonal trust EU OECD country, France is definitely a leading nation in sharing economy activities. According to the Flash Eurobarometer 438 by the European Commission, France counted the highest proportion of sharing economy users in 2017 with 36%, just before Ireland (35%). Nonetheless, it is also linked to the fact […]

Interview With Martijn Arets – Trust In The Sharing Economy

In may, International platform expert Martijn Arets came visited Deemly’s office to interview our CEO, Sara Green Brodersen. They talked about many interesting topics related to trust in the sharing economy. Trust has a key role in peer-to-peer exchanges, as it can influence users in a positive way and encourage them to use sharing economy services. […]

Deemly’s New Partnership With Growing Marketplace Software Provider Arcadier

As a leading reputation and social verification tool for peer-to-peer marketplaces and sharing economy businesses, Deemly has formed a strategic partnership to become an Arcadier Affiliate Partner. Based in Singapore, Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service in Asia. With its online multi-tiered marketplace technology, Arcadier strives to empower its community. Anyone who wants to run a […]

Why Rating Systems Should Be Prioritized In Peer-To-Peer Platforms

These past few years have been a big change for the economy. The economic crisis of 2008 has paved the way for the sharing economy, which it is expected to grow over $355 billion by 2025. In fact, it is reshaping the way we are doing business, disrupting traditional services and leading to the uberization […]

What Trust Levels Look Like Across The Globe?

As the founder of The People Who Share Benita Matofska said, “trust is the key of sharing economy.” If we trust people, we will naturally be more inclined to share goods and services with them. This week is Global Sharing Week, an occasion for millions of people around the world to share and discover the sharing […]

How Has The Sharing Economy Developed In China?

Dense, highly populated cities, widespread use of mobile payment apps, and an increasingly frugal consumer population have created the perfect conditions for the sharing economy to flourish in China. China’s state-run National Information Center projects that the sharing economy will be worth 10% of China’s GDP by 2020, and in recent years huge amounts of […]

Interview: Lodgify’s Dennis Klett

What’s Lodgify all about? Lodgify is a Software-as-a-Service that enables vacation rental owners to easily create their own optimized and mobile-friendly websites, including, and most crucially, the ability to accept online bookings and process payments. What was the inspiration behind Lodgify’s creation? What happened was that my parents ran a vacation rental in Germany and […]

The Return Of Sharing Culture In Russia?

In a previous article, I explored how economic isolation caused Cuba to develop a unique sharing culture. Russia’s sharing economy has just begun to grow due to similar economic circumstances and a devalued ruble. Unlike Cuba, Russia has not developed a unique, organic, sharing culture in response to its economic hardship. In fact, Russians have […]

How Is The Sharing Economy Disrupting Marketing?

The sharing economy opened up new ways of accessing goods and services in sustainable ways. It required a new level of thinking and creativity, disrupting traditional habits of doing things.  In the past years, this new industry has touched many spaces, marketing being one of them. The principles of trust and transparency that underpin the […]

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How Does The Sharing Economy Thrive In A “Trust Crisis”?

The sharing economy’s rapid, worldwide expansion is no secret. Trust sits at the heart of every peer-to-peer transaction, and examining the overall evolution of trust in society provides a better understanding of the sharing economy’s continued proliferation. What political trends, consumer desires, and other factors have fueled the sharing economy’s explosive popularity? The Trust Economy In […]

An Examination Of The Sharing Economy In Cuba

The sharing economy has the potential to bring huge benefits to resource-strapped nations. In places that may not have many physical assets, sharing services allow people to monetize their time and better utilize their available resources. Until recently, Cuba has been under complete embargo by the United States and hasn’t had much access to cheap […]

Add A Video To Your Deemly Trust Profile

A 30-second video is worth 720.000 words since we have 24 images per second and an image is worth 1000 words 😉 If you visit the ‘Edit profile’ page on deemly, you will find a new section where you can use your webcam to record a 30 sec video to use on your Trust Profile page. Once […]

Blockchain Co-Lab Between Deemly And ITU Students!

As you might have noticed, we are pretty excited about blockchain and quite a few of our recent articles have mentioned or focused on this technology. A while back, we got in touch with two students from the IT University of Copenhagen that wanted to write their thesis on blockchain and Deemly. This was definitely […]

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