Where In The World Is All The Venture Capital?

Where in the world is all the venture capital (VC)? In my last post, I talked a bit about different ways startups raise funds. I also outlined equity crowdfunding as a possible alternative to traditional VCs. In particular, I wrote that equity crowdfunding makes sense when you live in a country that does not have […]

Equity Crowdfunding: A New Hope For Sharing Economy Entrepreneurs?

Early-stage startups often spend much time deciding how best to raise money. Traditionally, startups courted venture capitalists (VCs)  in exchange for funds and the investor’s expertise. This way, startups could rely on ‘smart money’, or funds that come with industry expertise. However, finding and building a successful relationship with a venture capitalist takes time and […]

How To Maximize Your Productivity On A Business Trip

Many people travel for business nowadays – traveling between different cities and countries all over the world. It’s an enjoyable perk, but remember, it isn’t a vacation. In fact, especially if you’re employed at a startup, you might have to work harder on a trip than you would at the office. Why? Well, you not only […]

future sharing economy

Too Big To Fail? The Future Of The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is famous for utilizing innovative technologies to rethink conventional business models. Despite being a relatively new industry, the sharing economy has already started to out-compete traditional companies, like taxis and hotel corporations. The industry has also proven extremely agile, as entrepreneurs are willing and able to continually incorporate new technologies into their […]

work home

How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

It’s become increasingly common for people to work remotely for employers thousands of miles away. But if you don’t work remotely, it doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunity to occasionally work away from the office. An in-person team is important for morale, office camaraderie, and brainstorming and meetings. But it can be […]

deemly score

How a High Deemly Score Makes Your Users More Trustworthy and Attractive

Online reputation lays at the core of the sharing economy, allowing users to safely and successfully manage all their transactions. As the collaborative industry keeps growing, peer-to-peer platforms need to build a solid database of trustworthy users that will consequently contribute to the further development of a sustainable online community.  Deemly Trust Profile The Trust […]

The End of One Hit Wonders?

Until around ten years ago, entertainers of all kinds – singers, bands, songwriters, and actors – have burst into the spotlight from nowhere only to fade into relative obscurity after their hit song or popular movie falls out of favor. Such celebrities are only known for a single hit song or movie and struggle to […]

Techfestival sharing economy

Summary from Techfestival: Framing a conversation on governance in the sharing economy

The last couple of years I’ve had 1000s of conversations about the sharing economy with entrepreneurs, politicians, citizens, investors and industry leaders. My learnings from those conversations can be boiled down to a number of ways we might govern this expanding industry. Although, I’m not a policy maker. Which is why I was thrilled to […]

Can Your CEO’s Public Profile be a Tool for Company Growth?

A CEO is traditionally the face of a company – the boss of all the bosses. In smaller startups, CEOs engage in fundraising, partnership buildings, sales, and often have a finger in every activity of the company. It’s particularly important for startups who have little to no brand recognition to build their CEO’s public persona […]

female entrepreneurs in the sharing economy

4 More Inspirational Figures in the Sharing Economy

As an idealistic and ambitious team, we’re often inspired by individuals whose projects have positive social, economic, and environmental effects.  In a previous post, we profiled a few female entrepreneurs whose character, success, and work we admire and hope to emulate. We’ve decided to return to this topic, and share a few more of our […]

How to Make the Most of Instagram Growth Pods

Instagram presents a great opportunity for sharing economy businesses to connect with potential clients, partners, employees, and investors. However, cultivating a sizable following on Instagram from scratch isn’t easy, and takes much time and resources. For a few months we have utilized growth pods as part of our Instagram strategy, and we’d like to share […]

reengage inactive users

How can a Sharing Platform Reengage Inactive Users?

As platforms grow, they might find that many of their users have stopped using the service, or that new users don’t return for repeated participation. This leads to a situation where a platform has more registered user accounts than individuals who regularly participate. This isn’t a sustainable business model If users don’t return to repeatedly […]

managing global startup

A Brief Guide to Managing a Global Startup

In a previous post, I presented a few tips for staying productive if you work remotely. However, the game changes when you’re in charge. Many startups employ workers abroad, and so you might find yourself leading a team that lives all around the world. How do you foster camaraderie between people that have never actually […]

How does Game Theory Function in the Sharing Economy?

The Independent recently published an article that describes how a major failing of the sharing economy is that it’s built on trust. People aren’t necessarily trustworthy, and sharing services will fail if they take trust for granted.  Why can’t people be trusted? The concept of a “zero sum game” means that in order for someone […]

We’re Adding ID Verification to The Deemly Offering – Here’s Why

Over the last year we’ve talked to hundreds of sharing economy Product Developers, Community Managers and CEOs – personally, this is my favorite part of the job! The feedback we’ve gotten from all of them has helped iterate and shape our product offering to be one of the leading community trust solutions in the world […]

Digital Identity, Privacy and Security in The Modern World

In the modern world, technological innovations arise at a breathless pace. It’s often difficult to keep track of the latest trends and predict which will become permanent fixtures in society. Our increasingly-interconnected world bombards people with an enormous amount of information that is impossible to consume entirely. It’s difficult to sort through all the self-promotion, […]

How Insurance and Trust Profiles Compliment Each Other in The Sharing Economy

Insurance plays a crucial role for sharing economy platforms by providing users economic safety when they lend or rent their homes, cars, or other belongings to strangers. Platforms that offer their own insurance or make themselves compatible with insurance providers have an edge over the competition. Securing user assets is part of an abstract goal […]

A Sharing Economy Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media

A sharing economy business can’t afford to ignore social media. In the past decade, social media has evolved from vacation pictures and a way to stay in touch with old friends into a valuable tool for business growth. Social media allows startups, which often have little name recognition and professional network, to reach potential business partners, […]

3 Tips for Staying Productive if You Work Remotely

Many companies now allow team members to work from home, and startups in particular often have to search outside their country of origin to find the talent they need. If you’re an aspiring freelancer there are many ways to find work with companies all around the world. Even if you don’t work for a company […]


6 Digital Trends For B2B Businesses In The Sharing Economy

The technology age has witnessed a profound revolution of our society, from new digital trends to the rise of the sharing economy. These changes are disrupting the traditional consumers’ habits and their ways of approaching businesses. With this continuous development of technology, companies started to invest in new resources, in order to efficiently improve the […]

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