The Return of Sharing Culture in Russia?

In a previous article, I explored how economic isolation caused Cuba to develop a unique sharing culture. Russia’s sharing economy has just begun to grow due to similar economic circumstances and a devalued ruble. Unlike Cuba, Russia has not developed a unique, organic, sharing culture in response to its economic hardship. In fact, Russians have […]

How Is The Sharing Economy Disrupting Marketing?

The sharing economy opened up new ways of accessing goods and services in sustainable ways. It required a new level of thinking and creativity, disrupting traditional habits of doing things.  In the past years, this new industry has touched many spaces, marketing being one of them. The principles of trust and transparency that underpin the […]

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How Does the Sharing Economy Thrive in a “Trust Crisis”?

The sharing economy’s rapid, worldwide expansion is no secret. Trust sits at the heart of every peer-to-peer transaction, and examining the overall evolution of trust in society provides a better understanding of the sharing economy’s continued proliferation. What political trends, consumer desires, and other factors have fueled the sharing economy’s explosive popularity? The Trust Economy In […]

An Examination of the Sharing Economy in Cuba

The sharing economy has the potential to bring huge benefits to resource-strapped nations. In places that may not have many physical assets, sharing services allow people to monetize their time and better utilize their available resources. Until recently, Cuba has been under complete embargo by the United States and hasn’t had much access to cheap […]

Add a Video to your deemly Profile

A 30-second video is worth 720.000 words since we have 24 images per second and an image is worth 1000 words 😉 If you visit the ‘Edit profile’ page on deemly, you will find a new section where you can use your webcam to record a 30 sec video to use on your deemly profile page. Once […]

Blockchain co-lab!

As you might have noticed, we are pretty excited about blockchain and quite a few of our recent articles have mentioned or focused on blockchain. A while back, we got in touch with two students from the IT University of Copenhagen that wanted to write their thesis on blockchain and deemly. This was definitely an […]

How has the Sharing Economy Catalyzed Innovation in Emerging Marketplaces?

The sharing economy’s rapid growth since 2008 is no secret. Decreasing household incomes, the increasing prevalence of technology in everyday life, and the rising demand for sustainable goods and services have fueled the sharing economy’s popularity. While plenty of experts discuss the different ways the sharing economy has and will continue to change dynamics of […]

Blockchain and the Sharing Economy – A Visionary Entry into the Digital Age

Blockchain continues to be a blistering subject across the internet and is recognized as the most disruptive technology of the future. It will impact many industries, and the sharing economy will be one of them. In the first part of this blog series, we discussed the mysterious origins of blockchain, explained its usage, and its […]

Home Sharing in Rural Areas: A Mixed Bag

Since 2009, home sharing services have taken the world by storm. Today, 11% of U.S. adults have used some form of home sharing service, while Airbnb alone represents 17% of available short term rentals in major cities worldwide and is poised to overtake large hotel chains in the total number of rooms available for rent. […]

Sharing Trends in the Advertising Industry

Over the past decade, the sharing economy’s effects have rippled through the ridesharing, hospitality, payment services, insurance, and even banking industries. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the new trends and attitudes popularized by sharing services have begun to reshape traditional practices and dynamics in the advertising industry. The sharing economy has created a […]

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