A High Deemly Score Makes You More Trustworthy And Attractive!

February 24, 2017 |

The deemly score is based on multiple sources and is thus more reliable. Our algorithm is developed in cooperation with a statistician. It calculates a trust score between 1-100 based on a number of features.

As one can understand, data is a core factor of our operations. Moreover, we are passionate about data analytics techniques. Through them, we aim to reveal patterns and trends in order to create value for our users and improve their experience with the sharing economy. We will publish our insights in a new series of blog posts and let you in on what we know about our platform and our users’ behavior.

In this blog post, we present you the importance of a deemly score for our users. Users with a higher deemly score are more attractive as more people tend to visit their deemly Trust Profile. The graph below (scatter plot) is built on two dimensions, the deemly score and the number of views. To give a brief description of the graph, each circle visualizes a user in the above mentioned dimensions. The increase of density in the graph shows a higher number of users concentrated in specific parts of the scatter plot.  As one can observe, users with a higher deemly score have more profile visits (higher count of views) so far.