August 8, 2017 |

We’re Adding ID Verification to The Deemly Offering – Here’s Why

Over the last year we’ve talked to hundreds of sharing economy Product Developers, Community Managers and CEOs – personally, this is my favorite part of the job!

The feedback we’ve gotten from all of them has helped iterate and shape our product offering to be one of the leading community trust solutions in the world and we’re now serving customers in 5 countries.

One of the topics mentioned in many of these conversations was the pain of complying with the rules and regulations of many insurance and payment providers. In these cases image IDs are must-haves, but the process of gathering and storing them requires a secure and safe system.

That’s why I’m really excited to announce that we are now launching government ID verification as part of the deemly product!

With the help of our customers, our product is now one of the leading community trust solutions in the world

We found that our existing technology was the perfect match for what most platforms were looking for to handle this process. The verification will become faster and more advanced. Also, we already have the first customers signed up for this roll out and our team has been working very hard to launch this – kudos!

Reputation is still the core of our product and research confirms that ratings and reviews are what builds most trust in a platform – way above ID verification.

Along with deemly’s Trust API and Ratings and Review plugin, we now offer all the tools needed to build a trusted community and we’ll keep expanding and improving our offering.