September 6, 2017 |

Can Your CEO’s Public Profile be a Tool for Company Growth?

A CEO is traditionally the face of a company – the boss of all the bosses. In smaller startups, CEOs engage in fundraising, partnership buildings, sales, and often have a finger in every activity of the company. It’s particularly important for startups who have little to no brand recognition to build their CEO’s public persona and utilize them as a tool for growth

What Benefits Will This Effort Bring?

Building a CEO’s public persona is an effective way to build brand recognition for your startup and create real growth.

Having a high-profile CEO can lead to new partnerships, sales, fundraising opportunities, and can attract talented employees. Your CEO’s well-defined brand will also help distinguish your startup from competitors. If your CEO is a recognized authority or thought leader in your industry, that expertise will be attributed towards the startup as well.

How Do You Begin Building Your CEO’s Public Image?

Utilize all available digital media and PR tools, such as social media, podcasts, blog posts, in-person events, speaking engagements, conferences, and other similar events and platforms.

Take care to clearly define your CEO’s area of expertise, and be sure to tie that expertise to your startup’s work. To do this, start by asking a few key questions. What topics are they an expert on? Do they have an inspiring or unique life story to tell? What new and big idea do they want to show the world?

In particular, social media is a powerful tool for using your CEO’s personal and professional network as leverage for creating new business opportunities. If possible, designate company resources to create content for your CEO’s social profiles and pursuing new PR opportunities.