June 15, 2017 |

Deemly’s New Partnership With Growing Marketplace Software Provider Arcadier

As a leading reputation and social verification tool for peer-to-peer marketplaces and sharing economy businesses, Deemly has formed a strategic partnership to become an Arcadier Affiliate Partner.

Based in Singapore, Arcadier is the first Marketplace-as-a-Service in Asia. With its online multi-tiered marketplace technology, Arcadier strives to empower its community. Anyone who wants to run a marketplace can indeed create it through their website.

The sharing economy is growing exponentially and so are sharing economy platforms. Therefore, trust is at the center of every peer-to-peer transaction. By working together, Deemly and Arcadier will offer better and safer review and social verification solutions to peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Along with Arcadier’s expertise and technology, sharing economy businesses wanting to start their platform can now directly use Deemly’s software solution through their marketplaces. Arcadier members will benefit a 15% discount on our enterprise solutions.

Together, we will aim to achieve Deemly’s main objective: break down trust barriers among users.

Read more about our partnership with Arcadier and Arcadier’s other affiliate partners on Arcadier’s affiliate page.