August 15, 2017 |

How can a Sharing Platform Reengage Inactive Users?

As platforms grow, they might find that many of their users have stopped using the service, or that new users don’t return for repeated participation. This leads to a situation where a platform has more registered user accounts than individuals who regularly participate.

This isn’t a sustainable business model

If users don’t return to repeatedly participate, then the platform has to keep acquiring new users in order to stay afloat. In the long run, your community will be a ghost town – with a ton of registered users that don’t actually use the platform.

A community based on repeat participants is more sustainable than one composed of single-visit users.

Reliable users make platforms safer, as they have more accumulated ratings and reviews from previous transactions. People generally feel more comfortable when they have more information about the person on the other end of the transaction. Similarly, people don’t want to participate in exchanges with people who have little or no viewable information.

How does deemly Help?

When we say we’re “breaking down trust barriers” we’re talking about situations that result from issues related to user and platform trust. deemly’s cross-platform trust profiles allow users to utilize their entire digital reputation as leverage for easier participation in peer-to-peer platforms. When users come into a platform with their ratings and reviews from other services, they have an easier time finding other participants who are willing to engage in a transaction with them. This leads to more users repeatedly engaging on the platform, and increases retention. This not only makes people feel safer but allows less-active users to compete with earlier adopters of the service who have a ton of ratings and reviews.

Our trust solution builds sustainable communities made up of active, satisfied users and helps platforms ensure their longevity. We plan to spread our trust solution all over the global sharing economy, accelerate growth for the entire industry, and make services safer for end-users.

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