How has the Sharing Economy Affected the Art Industry?

Aspiring artists, curators, and gallery owners face significant monetary and institutional barriers to success in the art world. While services like Airbnb and Uber have upended the ride service and hospitality industries, no sharing platform has altered dynamics on such a large scale in the art world. This doesn’t mean no one’s trying. In recent […]

An In-Depth Examination of Blockchain

We’ve mentioned blockchain’s potential for the sharing economy before – how it can revolutionize the sharing economy. What exactly is the blockchain? Where did it come from? Mythic Beginnings Blockchain’s mysterious origins are fitting for its decentralized design; no single user or institution controls a blockchain network. Blockchain was first utilized as an integral part […]

Interview: MANGOPAY’s Céline Winant-Pateron

When building a sharing economy platform, choosing a payment solution can be very challenging. MANGOPAY has built a technology dedicated to the sharing economy and we interviewed their Head of Marketing Europe, Celine Winant-Pateron. What’s MANGOPAY all about? MANGOPAY is a payment solution dedicated to the sharing economy. It enables businesses to accept payments, escrow […]

Questions about Thought Leadership

As a newcomer to both deemly and startup culture, I heard a lot of unfamiliar terms in my first few days. One phrase in particular caught my attention: “thought leadership”. Curious to know more, I had a chat with deemly’s CMO, Pernille Spang Lyndegaard, about how she utilizes thought leadership as a tool for deemly’s […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Innovators in the UK Sharing Economy

Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom (UK) are at the forefront of innovation in the sharing economy. It’s no surprise, then, that the UK sharing economy is growing at the fastest rate in Europe, with transactions doubling from £3.9 billion in 2014 to £7.4 billion in 2015.  Let’s meet some of these sharing economy entrepreneurs, whose […]

What’s Happening with Payment Services in the Sharing Economy?

Payment services are often the least visible part of a sharing economy platform for end users. However, a single incorrect transaction can prevent a user from using a platform in the future and a systemic exchange issue has the potential to sink platforms entirely. Consequently, sharing economy entrepreneurs need their platform’s integrated payment service to […]

Career Opportunity: Account Manager

deemly is looking for an Account Manager to help us ramp up our B2B activities globally. You will be working with a fun and ambitious team, get loads of responsibility, and a chance to prove and develop your skills as the sales organisation grows. About you You love connecting with people and have a good […]

Sharing Is The New Owning – A Shift In The Consumer Behavior

Over the past years, we witnessed the rise of the sharing age, where the consumer behavior changes, revolutionizing once again the economy. The consumer of the future pays for use, not for ownership. In 2017 access via sharing is a sustainable and desirable alternative to owning. Moreover, there is no longer “I”, but “we”. It […]

How the Sharing Economy Alters Dynamics in Personal Finance

The 2008 financial crisis forced individuals to reconsider their relationship with the large banking institutions that they had formally entrusted with their futures. Despite popular demand for transparency and streamlined loan processes, no viable alternatives to traditional banking and financial institutions existed. Fortunately, sharing economy entrepreneurs sprang into action to answer this call. New Developments: […]

Interview: GUARDHOG’s Humphrey Bowles

Insurance is a big thing within the sharing economy as people want to know that their valuables are secure when they share with or lend them to strangers. We noticed a UK based startup called GUARDHOG that deals with exactly that and thought it would be interesting to have a chat and learn more about what they […]

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