September 11, 2017 |

Summary from Techfestival: Framing a conversation on governance in the sharing economy

The last couple of years I’ve had 1000s of conversations about the sharing economy with entrepreneurs, politicians, citizens, investors and industry leaders.

My learnings from those conversations can be boiled down to a number of ways we might govern this expanding industry.

Although, I’m not a policy maker.

Which is why I was thrilled to be invited to the Techfestival’s ‘Future of Governance Summit’ last week to frame a conversation on the sharing economy.

Here’s a summary of my introduction:

What lessons can be taken from the growth and the debate around sharing economy services?

How can we better assess the value of sharing economy services?

If I wanted to cheat in taxes; starting a sharing economy platform would probably be the slowest way of doing it


How is sharing economy changing the way we want to own and consume utilities, and how does this impact governments?

How can the industry create standards and promote the benefits of the sharing economy?

One of the most important things for Nordic entrepreneurs is the ability to scale across borders


What role does the government have in regulating the sharing economy industry?

What’re your thoughts?