deemly score API

Utilize your users trustworthiness

deemly score API

Take advantage of your users reviews & ratings from across the web to help them get a flying start.

deemly user widgets

deemly users widget comes in three varities

The small

Simply shows the deemly score and the user profile on mouse over.

The small deemly widget with hover
The small deemly widget with hover

The large

Shows the users deemly profile right on your page.

The large deemly widget

The extended

With the extended widget a deemly users average ratings from connected platforms also appears.

The extended deemly widget with avarage rating of connected platforms

Seamless onboarding

Let you uses create their trust profile in two steps once signed up with you - and we will send them right back to you.

Let your users login with their deemly account

Make it easy for your users to connect their deemly score by enabling deemly login.

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At boataffair we believe that trust among all users is the most important factor in the sharing economy. Thanks to deemly’s review and score system we can digitise trust and make interactions reliable and secure for all users on our platform. We are convinced that this will enable transactions between boat owners and renters in a transparent environment.

Adrian Walker, boataffair

We at GoGo Places take the trust part very seriously and we are committed to build a trusted yet verified network and community. Working with deemly not just enhances our system to verify both tenants and owners but also gives us an opportunity to learn more about our community.

Epi Ludvik Nekaj, GoGo Places

At HeelNederlandDeelt safety and trust are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we offer all kinds of additional services to enhance online safety and trust as well. With Deemly’s review system we can offer our users exactly that.

Laury Zwart, Co-Founder HeelNederlandDeelt

Trust is an issue to not overlook when you are creating a tool for people to connect and share. If our users would not trust each other, enabling interactions would be impossible.

Simon Wozniak,

Customers include

We just wanna make sure you're not an evil robot.

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deemly user profiles includes

We aggregate a score based on users reviews and ratings from accross the web

Aggregated rating

Authorize us to pull your reviws and ratings from airbnb, eBay and many more to calculate your deemly score.

Your score will take number of reviews, their variation and more factors into account.

Read more about how we calculate your deemly score.

Social Verificatios

In order to ensure that users are who they say they are and thereby increase trust between users, we have enabled social verifications. We have included both offline and online options such as email, SMS, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and more. On our users profiles, we display which tools they have decided to verify themselves with.

Users verify themselves wth their social media accounts

What people say

We aggregate the deemly users reviews from accross platforms to give an overview.

We pull the most common used words from you reviews to show what is being said about you.

We just wanna make sure you're not an evil robot.

Or simply write us at

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deemly review & rating service

Review and Rating System

Increase activity

Minimise fraud

Verify users

Build trust