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4 plug and play widgets for your site

User deemly text

User Reviews & Ratings

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Review User

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Site Average

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User deemly score (optional)

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Design your widget

Fully customizable

You can customize the widget either by integrating with our API, pull the data, and create your own visualization or by configuring the javaScript widgets.

Add multiple rating parameters and let users rate several levels.

Get the overview with our dashboard


Get an overview of your site's rating and review statistics with the dashboard.

We'll keep you up to date with the number of new ratings and reviews and how well your users are doing.

Filter cand control ratings and reviews

See, filter and control ratings & reviews

You can identify and find all the ratings and reviews on your website in the admin panel. From here you can also control the reviews made by your users.

All the data from your website belongs to you.

deemly Ratings and Reviews API


With our REST API you get full control on how and when to push, pull, and display your users' ratings and reviews.

We offer an online console for API testing and code examples in the most common languages.

We just wanna make sure you're not an evil robot.

Or simply write us at


At boataffair we believe that trust among all users is the most important factor in the sharing economy. Thanks to deemly’s review and score system we can digitise trust and make interactions reliable and secure for all users on our platform. We are convinced that this will enable transactions between boat owners and renters in a transparent environment.

Adrian Walker, boataffair

When you start sharing your equipment, services and knowledge online with other organisations, trust, and reputation are very important factors. Therefore, we try to create a trusted community of companies and professionals at FLOOW2. A review system like deemly is one of the keys to a successful business community.

Kim Tjoa, Founder of FLOOW2

Trust is an issue to not overlook when you are creating a tool for people to connect and share. If our users would not trust each other, enabling interactions would be impossible.

Simon Wozniak,

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