Get reviews from Transaction

If you provide us with a transaction ID, you can pull all reviews with a certain ID.

Parameter Note TransactionId The ID of the transaction Required PageIndex Which page with reviews to show (if more than one) Optional PageSize How many reviews to show per page Optional

It will return data in this format:

    "reviewId": 0,
    "text": "string",
    "ratedUserId": "string",
    "ratingUserId": "string",
    "transactionId": "string",
    "transactionDate": "string",
    "transactionPrice": "string",
    "approved": true,
    "hidden": true,
    "ratings": [
        "ratingId": 0,
        "value": 0,
        "ratingCategoryId": 0,
        "ratingCategory": "string",
        "createdOn": "string"
    "createdOn": "string"

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