Welcome to our FAQ section! We have collected all kinds of questions you might have about deemly. If you cannot find an answer to your most pressing questions, please write us at support@deemly.co – we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is an overview of all the questions, we currently offer in our FAQ:


What is deemly?

The short version: We are building trust in the world. That is our mission and our vision. How can we achieve this ambitious goal, you ask? This short video will give you a brief introduction to deemly.

deemly is an online reputation site where users can show their trustworthiness by combining and gathering their reviews and ratings from different sharing platforms. By showing your personal reputation in one integrated score, the deemly score, you become more trustworthy and other users you interact with on sharing platforms will ultimately feel safer while interacting with you, online and offline.

Why should I sign up for deemly?

With deemly, you can utilize your online reputation from different platforms and communities and combine everything into one single score. For example, if you want to join a new platform, you can create trust and prove your reliability right away with your deemly score. That way, everybody can feel safer when deciding to trust fellow users.

The opportunities to utilize your entire online reputation are manifold: From crowdfunding over job applications to online dating and banking – the possibilities seem endless.

I’m worried about my privacy – What data can you access and what do you do with it?

When you set up your deemly profile, we will ask you to connect with:

No matter which platform or profile you connect, one thing always stays the same: We will NEVER sell your information or give it away to third parties. Your data is safely encrypted and will only be used to calculate your deemly score or to populate your deemly profile.

Whenever we ask you to log in to a platform in order to connect it to your deemly profile, we do so because we want to integrate your reviews and ratings in your deemly score. We will NEVER EVER store your log-in information, profiles or your passwords. We pull each of your ratings and reviews once to calculate your deemly score – whenever a review or a rating is added on one of your platforms, our algorithm will add it to your deemly score. Here you can read more about how your deemly score is generated.

What data do you collect from my social media profiles?

To validate your deemly profile, we ask you to connect at least one social media profile to prove that you are an actual human being. Also, with your public information from your social profiles, you can make your deemly profile look more personal and colorful. We will NEVER post anything about you on any platform or social media site!

When you connect your Facebook profile, we ask for the following information:

 When you connect your Google profile, we ask for the following information:

What do you mean by “Verifying users”? What do you do, and why?

We take trust very seriously and we want our users to be able to believe in the deemly score as much as we do. That is why we make sure that all our profiles are set up by actual people with actual experiences because no one wants a platform full of bots. This is why we want you to show everybody that you are a human being with human interactions by connecting your social media profiles. The data, we collect from social media platforms, is encrypted and protected by our privacy policy. deemly will never post on your behalf or on your social media profiles.

Here you can find more on what data we access from your social media profiles.

How can I connect a platform or a social media profile to my deemly profile?

After you have successfully set up your deemly profile, you can easily connect it with sharing economy platforms and your social media profiles. Here you can find a link to all our partners and see, which sharing economy platforms you can add to your deemly profile.

To connect a profile, simply press the social media or platform buttons on your deemly profile, enter the requested information, lean back and rejoice at your deemly score.

Do I have to pay for my score or my profile?

No, using deemly and your deemly score is free and will stay free. However, if you want to buy us a drink or share some cake with us, you can find us at our office.

How do you make money, if the profiles are free – will you sell me out?

Users will never have to pay for their deemly score. Your private information is absolutely safe with us and will NEVER be transferred to third parties.

We make our money by selling our rating technology as well as our interface to platforms in the sharing economy. Platforms can profit from a higher level of trust, which makes interaction easier and helps to raise platform activity. So we will never sell any private information – you can trust us with your data.

But still, you might think: “How can a start-up like you survive without selling our information?” We got a spot in the thinkubator accelerator program 2016. We also raised seed investment from Danish venture capital firm Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation. Last but not least, we act very responsibly with our budget and have a great business plan!

How is the deemly score generated?

There is a lot of work, mathematical models and coding magic behind the deemly score. Very generally speaking, our algorithms are designed to combine all the ratings from your connected profiles and create an aggregated score. The deemly score does not simply sum up your ratings but weighs the ratings according to different paradigms, for example time (so new ratings are rated slightly more important than old ratings).

But that is not all: As deemly grows, so will the magic behind our algorithm. At first, the deemly score will be calculated by some complex math brainwork and statistical best practice models. Over time, our algorithms will get more and more sophisticated, since we can implement deep data connections and statistical analysis. This means that we will never stop improving our grasp on what constitutes trust and trustworthiness. 🙂

What is my deemly profile and what do I do with it?

Your deemly profile features your deemly score and your profile information. You can see which social networks and platforms you have connected to your score and you can manage your personal information.

In addition, we are currently working on some fun features that will make your deemly experience worth your while. You can compare your friends’ scores, earn badges, e.g. for being especially eco-friendly or socially active and explore your review cloud to find out which words are commonly used to describe you in your reviews. As soon as these new features are ready, we will let you know in our newsletters – so stay tuned! 🙂

I have an idea for deemly, how can I get in touch?

If you have any ideas as to how we can make deemly even better, please feel free to write us an e-mail at support@deemly.co, contact us via facebook. We also accept carrier pigeons and bottled messages – just make sure your comments get to us!

How can I use my deemly score?

Most easily, you can use your deemly score on platforms that are already connected to us. If you check out your profile on one of our partner platforms, you can find your deemly score on your profile, if you have already added this platform to your deemly score.

Here you can find a link to all our partners and see, which sharing economy platforms you can add to your deemly profile. You can use the deemly score for whatever makes sense to you, wherever you want to prove your trustworthiness and feel the need to build trust.

Who can I contact if I have problems?

Check out our FAQs if you have problems with designing your profile or getting started with deemly.

If our help center cannot answer your questions or if you found bugs or technical problems, please contact our helpdesk at support@deemly.co and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Can I disconnect a profile or platform from deemly?

Yes, of course you can. You can easily disconnect a platform or social profile by looking up your connected accounts on your deemly profile and then withdrawing the connections you don’t want to have anymore.

If you are logged into deemly with your facebook or Google account, deleting your social media profile might mean that you get locked out of your deemly account. In this case, we will ask you to log in again using your email address and a new password, so your profile is disconnected from the social media account you used before.

What can I do if I am not happy with my deemly score?

Setting up your deemly score is very easy, but like with all good things, your reputation deserves work. The more trust you have earned on different platforms, the higher your deemly score will get because it reflects your trustworthiness. The deemly score is an aggregated score reflecting actual experiences and ratings – so we do not offer “pay-outs” that might falsely improve your score.

When you want to improve your reputation, you can:

A word of advice: Be patient and treat your reputation well. The most important thing for your deemly score is that you can use it to prove your trustworthiness – and since it is your digital reputation, treat it like you would treat all your relations and connections: with care and honesty. Your score will rise when you collect nice ratings and interact – trust us! 😀

Who can see my deemly score?

Your deemly score is a public score that anyone can look at, when they click on your public profile page. For the score to be trustworthy, transparency is important, which means that you cannot hide certain ratings when you have connected platforms to your profile. Of course, you can disconnect platforms again. Your public profile will also display how many platforms you have connected to your profile.

How can I delete my deemly profile?

Your deemly score is calculated by a complex algorithm, using data that is encrypted for your safety – which also means that a complete discard of your information requires more than a single step. Get in touch with us at support@deemly.co if you want us to delete all your information and we promise to do so as soon as possible!

Who do you work with?

You can see the full list of platforms where you can use your deemly score here

We are constantly working on finding new partner platforms and incorporating your ratings and reviews from as many sites as possible. If one of your favorite platforms is not on our list, please contact us and let us know about it. We cannot promise partnerships right away, but we can promise to do our best to work with all your favorite platforms!

Whoever we are working with and whatever platform you will be able to connect to your deemly profile in the future, one thing will always stay the same: deemly does NOT save your user login information – we promise!

I don’t want people to see all my reviews, what can I do?

In general, your deemly score is a trusted score displaying your combined ratings and reviews from all the platforms you connected to your profile. Choosing only a limited amount of your ratings or only those that are good would not be the most trustworthy way to display your reputation. So if you decide to connect a platform, the deemly code will pull all your reviews and ratings – after all, we want to trust each other, don’t we?

We are working on a feature that will display the most common words and phrases from your reviews, which will give your deemly profile an additional personal touch. However, right now, specific reviews will not be displayed in your profile. Of course, you can report when you feel your deemly score takes fake ratings or wrong reviews into the equation, simply write us at support@deemly.co.

Someone posted a false review about me, how can I fix this?

Your deemly score is designed to display your trustworthiness, so it is important for us that only real ratings and reviews are taken into account.

However, we do not have direct access to our partner platforms, so we cannot fix fake reviews right away. We would recommend talking to the platforms first, because you want to deal with this problem at the source. Of course, we want to help you in any way we can. If you cannot resolve a wrongful rating yourself even though you tried, please write us an e-mail to support@deemly.co.

Can people rate me on deemly?

Simply put: No. deemly is a reputation site combining your ratings and reviews across sharing economy platforms which you have connected to your profile. In other words, your deemly score reflects your trustworthiness and thus, your deemly profile itself cannot be rated by other users. Your personal score is a rather clever set of algorithms and features making your combined reputation usable whenever you interact online.

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