How it works

1. Connect your platforms

connect your platformsdeemly is a reputation site, which shows the trustworthiness of users engaging in peer to peer transactions by combining ratings and reviews from multiple peer to peer platforms, such as Airbnb, ebay, and UpWork.

Users can leverage their trustworthiness from one site by including ratings and reviews from other sites. This makes the user feel more trustworthy and safer and so will all the other users interacting within peer to peer transactions, online and offline.

The deemly score is based on multiple sources and is thus more reliable. Our algorithm is developed in cooperation with a statistician and calculates a score from 1-100 based on a number of features, such as weighing newer scores higher than older scores and variation.

2. Build your profile

deemly profileThe deemly score is the core of the deemly profile, but you can enhance your profiles with additional images and a video to increase your trustworthiness.

The deemly platform also verifies users through social media accounts and other verification tools, we can pull from the connected platforms.

3. Use your trust

Show your deemly score on sites across the web. We work with platforms to make it easy for you to display your deemly profile.

Else just link to it and take full advantage of your trust profile.

There are many long term opportunities for the deemly score. In the future, it could be used in job applications, banking, dating, crowdfunding, and much more.


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The notion of trust is the most important factor when we are talking about sharing economy platforms and P2P transactions in general. Even though the sharing economy is an emerging phenomenon and constitutes a remarkable part of the global economy, many people are still skeptical towards the concept. Thoughts like ‘I don’t know this person, he is a total stranger to me, how can I trust him?’ arise and keep them away from such platforms.

Successful sharing economy platforms have built strong reputation systems to secure trust and eliminate risks in their communities of users. These systems are based on ratings and reviews. They create a reputation for the user by providing information regarding user’s online behavior through the transactions on the platform. However, a holistic picture of user’s activity in the broader concept of sharing economy is missing. Users who have built a trustworthy profile in one or more platforms are not considered trustworthy when they decide to use a new platform. Due to this, it is hard to participate on a new platform as they need to build their reputation from scratch

Again and again and again? Why?

Why not help sharing economy users prove that they are trustworthy based on their previous experience with similar platforms?

Isn’t it all about sharing? Why not share feedback from multiple platforms and create an integrated trust score that shows the trustworthiness of users overall?

Enough with the questions! Deemly has the answer!

Deemly shows the trustworthiness of users engaging in P2P transactions by combining ratings and reviews from multiple P2P platforms. Companies which integrate the deemly API on their platforms can make their users feel safer and increase user activity!

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