Plug and play

Save both time and resources by integrating our proprietary rating & review system into your platform

State of the art

We build our technology using industry best practices

Unbiased system

A third-party review system prevents any possibility of review manipulation and fosters trust between end-users and your platform

The deemly trust profile widget

Easy customisable

Easy moderation

Business analytics


JavaScript Widgets



Customise your rating widget, the User Sign-up flow and the deemly Trust Profile Widget.

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Get an overview of ratings and reviews.

Sort through, filter and find reviews and easily moderate them.

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Your dashboard with statistics.

Get a quick overview of new reviews, how ratings are distributed and see the most commonly used word via our smart Wordcloud.

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White label.

Make it fit your design, your community and give your users a smooth review process.

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JavaScript Widget.

Easy to implement, easy to use. With our JavaScript widget you can get going with just a few lines of code.

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Rest API.

Pull data from anywhere with our REST API.

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When you start sharing your equipment, services and knowledge online with other organisations, trust, and reputation are very important factors. Therefore, we try to create a trusted community of companies and professionals at FLOOW2. A review system like deemly is one of the keys to a successful business community.

Kim Tjoa, Founder of FLOOW2

At HeelNederlandDeelt safety and trust are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we offer all kinds of additional services to enhance online safety and trust as well. With Deemly’s review system we can offer our users exactly that.

Laury Zwart, Co-Founder HeelNederlandDeelt