Working at Deemly – Elena’s Experience

November 9, 2016 |

When I heard I would be having a three months internship at deemly I was really excited. I had gained a little experience as online marketer during my studies, but now it was time to really show what I could do.

As you can guess, time flies when you are in new company for only a few weeks. Things go really fast and you are supposed to familiarize with everything over a few days, in order to make the most out of it. For me an internship was the best way to kickstart my career in marketing, and deemly was looking for someone who could take care of their content marketing. It really was a match made in heaven.

The experience of joining the team

From day one, I was given tasks and responsibilities, which gave me great confidence. For some it might sound scary but I quickly came to understand that this is how startups work. They are fast growing and fast paced work environments and deemly confirmed every word of that. The team grew and changed during my stay at deemly. I was welcomed by Daniel and Sine – two other marketing interns, and I had the pleasure to share my tasks with Frederik. His educational background in journalism, combii ned with mine in marketing really made us a great content development team. With the supervision of Pernille, we created a content plan and released great blog posts and newsletters.

Supervision and guidance are very strong elements of my experience at deemly. Joining a new company, I needed to understand the product and the business structure. Pernille and Sara made this process very smooth, with our weekly team meetings and status updates. During my time at deemly, the team in Copenhagen counted about six members, which made communication and updates fairly easy. I believe, deemly is a company built on a solid base, and I witnessed great growth during my time here.

Show what you can do. Learn something new.

As content and communication intern, I was given the chance to show what I could do, for example bringing new marketing ideas to the table. Most important, I was given enough time and responsibility to try new things. As I am a graphic design enthusiast, I wanted to create some cool visuals for the launch of deemly 1.0. Sara and Pernille gave me this opportunity and my colleague Daniel also taught me a lot when it comes to systems.

If you are looking for an opportunity to kickstart your career and you enjoy responsibilities from the start, you should join a startup. Even if your experience will be brief, do not feel discouraged. Your team has very good connections and will not hesitate to recommend you to other companies. So start showing what you can do today.

An inspiring work environment

I believe that our work space also had a great impact on my overall experience at deemly. At the moment, deemly is located at the DARE2mansion. This is a startup hub and co-working space hosting several startups. During our common lunches, I had the opportunity to meet great entrepreneurs and interns who are thriving in the Danish startup environment. This made my time at deemly even more inspiring.

If I were to give some advice to new graduates like me, I would tell them do keep doing what they like, even when they are not educated in it. For me this was the case of blogging. I did it for fun and I displayed my work with pride. This gave me the opportunity to take the leap and transform my passion into a job. So, believe in what you do and do what you believe in: it will take you to some great places.

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