November 12, 2017 |

How Can Large Platforms Make Their Communities Safer?

We’ve already written about how deemly can help new platforms cultivate a sustainable user base. Pulling ratings and reviews from multiple platforms helps users make informed decisions about each other and is the foundation for building a sustainable community. But what about larger platforms who have their own set of problems?

Woes Of Larger Platforms

While small platforms have issues trying to acquire new users, larger platforms often struggle to keep them active. When a person tries a new service, they might use it just once before becoming discouraged. They see that other users have many more ratings and reviews then they do, and don’t feel that they can catch up.

This isn’t healthy for the platform. It creates a community made up of largely single-use individuals and a base of early adopters that regularly use the platform. If the majority of a platform’s users are inactive and new users only use the service once, this can be an issue for platform growth and safety.

New users don’t feel that they can catch up to early adopters, and early adopters might not want to engage with new users who have no ratings or reviews. This prevents new users from successfully engaging in enough transactions to establish themselves on the platform.

New users might only be able to engage with other new users, whose trustworthiness has not been established. This discourages people from using your service multiple times, as they might not want to engage with others who have no proven trustworthiness.

Safety Is The Key To Success

Deemly allows people to utilize their overall digital reputation as leverage so that they can compete with early adopters. Also, having viewable ratings and reviews will allow users to make informed decisions about who they wish to meet.  This way, unscrupulous individuals won’t be able to hide and other users can avoid them. If people feel safe on your platform, they’re more likely to return and become active members of your community.

If you’re a platform with a large but inactive user base, try advertising this new feature to entice your inactive community back to your platform.