October 23, 2017 |

How Does Deemly Make Review Systems Fair And Secure?

Let’s talk about reviews. Here at Deemly, we’re always looking to learn more about how reviews affect other individuals’ behavior in peer-to-peer marketplaces. In a previous infographic, we examined how users interpret and consider reviews on platforms. Instead, let’s look more in-depth at the review systems.

Platforms should keep two goals in mind when designing their rating system: incentivizing users to leave a qualitative review after every transaction and to ensure that the system is secure, safe, and fair. All platforms have some community standards that contain guidelines for the kinds of content they prohibit on their platform. Take a look at this infographic created by our friends at ReviewPush which goes into a little more detail about what kinds of reviews can be removed on Yelp.

Remove Negative Reviews Guide from ReviewPush a company that specializes in online reviews.


What Does This Tell Us?

This is a great example of a business taking clear, well-reasoned steps to ensure that their review system is fair and safe for everyone. While restaurants can’t remove unflattering reviews, Yelp doesn’t want to render them entirely powerless to consumers.

People should absolutely report inappropriate behavior and negative experiences, but review systems should not just be a place for users to complain. If that were the case, then potential users would only read negative information about other users and would not be too motivated to engage in a transaction. We understand that outlier experiences can occur for any responsible sharing economy user and on any platform. Unusual negative experiences are especially poisonous to new platforms, which rely more heavily on each user to maintain an active community.

A new platform might have a design flaw or issue explaining the logistics of transactions. This can lead to misunderstandings between users and result in widespread negative reviews. Even if the platform designers fix the issue, the problem may already have caused a sizable portion of their community to receive multiple bad reviews.

Deemly provides developing platforms with insurance against such an event. Since we pull together ratings and reviews from many different platforms, a few negative reviews from a single source won’t irreparably harm a user’s deemly score. This way, developers can sleep easy knowing that even if their platform has a flaw, they can take their time to fix it without worrying about losing their community.