October 3, 2017 |

How To Maximize Your Productivity On A Business Trip

Many people travel for business nowadays – traveling between different cities and countries all over the world. It’s an enjoyable perk, but remember, it isn’t a vacation. In fact, especially if you’re employed at a startup, you might have to work harder on a trip than you would at the office. Why? Well, you not only have to ensure that the trip goes well -whether you have an important investor meeting or speaking engagement- but you also have your normal duties to fulfill. Small startups, in particular, have limited resources, and rely on the full participation of their team to get things done. If you find yourself in this position, how can you maximize your productivity without overworking?

Stay Connected

Research your accommodations ahead of time to find out about the quality of WiFi. Plan for periods of time when you’ll be in transit and may not have access to a reliable internet connection. Download any necessary documents and send important emails ahead of time so that a lack of connectivity doesn’t hinder your work. If your hotel or transport WiFi is worse than expected, try visiting a local cafe or university to find a free and fast connection.

Plan Your Down-Time

Study your layovers between transit periods and schedule important calls during your waiting times. If you’re a member of an airline or credit card rewards club, take advantage of available premium lounges where you can have more privacy and quiet to conduct business. Don’t just plan for work, however, make sure you have enough time to sleep. You don’t want to arrive at your conference or important meeting extremely jet-lagged or tired from working the night before.

Make Contingency Plans

What if your computer refuses to turn on, and you can’t access necessary documents or email accounts? What if the airline loses your luggage that has your laptop inside it? Carry an external flash drive, or set up a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox that contains documents you can access from any computer. Make sure that you aren’t in a situation where you could be totally disconnected from your work-life.

If you have your own routines or tricks for business travel, great! Stick to what works. That’s what #startuplife is all about – finding new and better ways to get things done.