October 30, 2017 |

How Does Pulling Ratings & Reviews From Other Platforms Help Your Users?

Review systems are the lynchpin of the sharing economy. They provide an incentive for good behavior and prevent unsavory individuals from repeatedly taking advantage of others. Pulling ratings and reviews from other platforms is especially smart, as it gives your users much more information about each other than your platform can provide alone.  Don’t believe me? Try designing your platform without any peer feedback mechanism and see how many people use it.

It can be difficult for new startups to cultivate an active user base when no one on their platform starts with any ratings or reviews. 

How can deemly help?

What Are The Benefits Of Pulling Ratings And Reviews From Other Platforms?

New sharing services can take advantage of existing platforms to provide information about their users. 

Say that you’ve built a marketplace platform specifically for buying, selling, and renting car repair tools and equipment. You can take advantage of existing reviews on similar kinds of platforms to provide relevant information about your own users. More specifically, you can pull ratings and reviews from other marketplace platforms which provides insight into how your users will behave on your new marketplace. Even though your marketplace deals with a specific kind of item, your users will know how others have behaved on other marketplace platforms when buying, selling, or renting items.

You might even consider researching sharing services that have to do with car repair so that you might display user information related to their competency with tools. This way, users might be able to avoid lending their tools to someone who has a history of mishandling them or doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Pulling reviews from other platforms in this manner can be strategically smart when trying to build your user base. Users can read information about each other relevant to your service, and know that it’s completely verifiable.