November 6, 2017 |

What Should Sharing Economy Professionals Read?

There is more information available online than we could ever hope to read. If you want to research a specific topic or stay up-to-date about a specific industry, you need to identify trustworthy sources of information.

Here at deemly, we know it’s necessary to keep up with the latest developments and trends in the sharing economy in order to ensure our future success.

How do we stay so well informed? Great question: we rely on a few key blogs for updates, which are all run by entrepreneurs and sharing economy practitioners.

Even though these sources produce much content geared towards marketplaces, their information is still relevant to any sharing economy entrepreneur. Not only do their blogs talk about marketplaces, but they often offer general guidance to startups about marketing, sales, and work-ethic. Here are two great blogs that cover a variety of topics related to the sharing economy, entrepreneurship, and all aspects of #startuplife.

ShareTribe Marketplace Academy

Marketplace Academy offers in-depth discussion and analysis of news and trends in the sharing economy. In particular, Marketplace Academy specializes in topics related peer-to-peer marketplaces. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, we recommend reading their piece titled, “How To Build Your Own Marketplace”. If you’re a bit more experienced or farther along in your marketplace’s development, then consider reading this article, “How To Build Supply For Your Marketplace”. Aside from marketplace-specific topics, Sharetribe provides tips for entrepreneurs, marketing, and general sharing economy news.

Marketplace Platform

Marketplace Platform is another high-quality blog written by experience sharing economy practitioners. They have so many different categories of blog posts that you can study to help build your business, including Human Resources advice, and even Lead Generation. This material can be useful for any startup team member. We particularly recommend their recent article that asks, “Are Millennials The Future of Your Marketplace?