Verify users

Break down trust barriers to accelerate platform activity and grow your user base

Minimise fraud

Ensure that your users’ reputation is based on verifiable ratings & reviews

Increase activity

Foster a safe community by providing users with all available, crowd-generated information about other platform participants

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Reputation across
sharing services

An individual’s trust score is based on all of their ratings & reviews from the sharing services they use

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Verification through
social media

Verify a user’s identity through their connected social media accounts

Government ID

Verify a user’s identity through their government ID.

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User on-boarding flow

The sign-up process for your users takes three steps – all with your logo displayed

The Seamless sign up flow for Trust Profiles

Try how the sign up flow is for the end user. We have cut down on the number of platforms and verifications to simplify the demo, but all the steps are there.

1. Pull reviews 2 3

Log in to the platforms you want to pull reviews and ratings from.

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1 2. Verify your account 3

Veirfy your profile with your social media accounts.

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1 2 3. ID Verification

Upload an image of your government picture ID and we will verify it within 24 hours

Drag and drop you image here

or choose a file

Click here and let's pretend you uploaded a file.
government ID card
Try and click 'Approve and upload'

Your document have been uploaded.

We will review the document within two work days and notify you directly at

For any questions please write to

Just a demo, so this is not available.

Take a picture with your webcam

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Charlotte Mullen

Charlotte Mullen

We know you're (probably) not Charlotte, but we had to put something here - it's not fun to look at a blank page.

Government ID (Pending approval)

Trust 94 profile

Based on reviews from 3 platforms

eBay ★★★★
airbnb ★★★★★
UpWork ★★★★★
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When you start sharing your equipment, services and knowledge online with other organisations, trust, and reputation are very important factors. Therefore, we try to create a trusted community of companies and professionals at FLOOW2. A review system like deemly is one of the keys to a successful business community.

Kim Tjoa, Founder of FLOOW2

With the service established by deemly, we were able to implement a proven review system and adapt it to our own digital environment. Additionally, with deemly we are able to present reviewed users at DanRent from day one

Steffen Isgreen, DanRent