airbnb ratings and reviews

The way airbnb do ratings and reviews have become an example of an industry standard.

With millions of guests every year and many hosts relying on ratings and reviews to look attractive to new visitors, airbnb have not surprisingly a well build and feature rich review system in place. After each stay both host and guest are recommended to leave a written review, a private message and star ratings for hosts.

Either the rating or the written reviews will be public before both parties have submitted their review. A smart trick from airbnb to help the reviews being hournest.

Let us dive a bit more into it.

Ratings on airbnb

At airbnb hosts and guests are not reviewed in same. Where guests simply get a written review hosts also receives a star rating from 1 to 5 on 6 parameters:

which are also calculated into one overall rating.

airbnb host rating parameters
The six rating parameters for hosts on airbnb.

When browsing airbnb it is apparent that most hosts have either very high star ratings, actually research shows that more than 95% of rated hosts on airbnb has a rating between 4,5-5 ( We will not go into a discussion on this here but simply state that when hosts are all in this high end of the scale the written reviews become more important, showing what guests and hosts actually have to say.

Written reviews on airbnb

As mentioned are a written review the only for hosts to review a guest. There is a public review, which are the one listed on profile pages, and a direct message for non-public feedback.

In our post on reviews from airbnb, ebay and upwork we explored and saw how written reviews holds a lower “rating” compared to the numerical ratings given, but on the other hand in the case of airbnb holds more emotion. This may not be surprisingly, words holds more meaning than simply star-ratings and on airbnb where you rent a home, you will often have something to say.

How are airbnb reviews included in my Trust profile?

When you connect your airbnb account to your Trust Profile we will pull your reviews – and ratings for hosts – and save them to your profile. For hosts your ratings will be included in the calculation of your deemly score. For both hosts and guests reviews are analysed and included in your Trust Profiles wordcloud

Trust Profile wordcloudA long list of written reviews might seem like a huge task to go through and the word cloud is a nice overview of the most commonly used words in the reviews you have received.

This is a quick run down on how airbnb utilise ratings and reviews on their platform and how we include them in the Trust profile.