SnappCar ratings and reviews

SnappCar is of the the largest peer-to-peer carsharing communities in Europe.

SnappCar is currently operating in The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. SnappCar provides a full-service solution for sharing private cars, ranging from matching cars and drivers to payment and insurance.

SnappCar ratings

SnappCar uses the industry standard of a 1-5 star rating. Nice and easy.

SnappCar written reviews

Along the 1-5 star rating users writes a written review as well to further describe their experience.

How the SnappCar ratings are included in the deemly score

For now you can not connect your SnappCar account and let us pull your reviews automatically. You can enter you average rating, how many reviews it is based on and a single written review to be display on your Trust Profile. You will add a link to your SnappCar profile and we will verify that the data is accurate.