Oana Alexandra Grigoras

Head of Engagement

Oana is our Marketing Coordinator. She has a BA in Law and another BA in Natural and Cultural Heritage Management. Oana is from Romania and she came to study in Denmark in 2013. Beside art, her big passion is marketing and she is experienced in creating and promoting brands, content writing, market research, graphic design, Social Media and Growth Marketing.

Here at deemly, she is responsible for our lead generation across Social Media channels, Growth Marketing, and digital communication. She contributes to our blog and newsletter as well, giving insights on the sharing economy. Besides that, she is also doing some market research, aiming to get more partners and projects on deemly’s ever increasing list.

A Fun Fact about Oana

Many Copenhageners get surprised when they hear that Oana doesn´t have a bike, but the truth is that she is a dangerous cyclist. Even if she enjoys cycling, she is aware that her clumsiness will cause some accidents or traffic difficulties in the Danish capital.

Oana’s Best Sharing Experience

Oana loves authentic experiences and when travelling she prefers renting a flat through Airbnb because there are always new adventures awaiting when you travel like that. When she first visited Copenhagen, the housekeeper of the apartment showed up very early in the morning. “My first morning in the apartment, I woke up when suddenly I heard someone entering in the house and it was the housekeeper, who didn´t understand that she wasn´t supposed to show up on that day. I went in the kitchen and a Chinese woman started talking to me in Danish, very confused and apparently upset. At that point, I couldn´t understand the language so I was trying not to laugh while I was calling the owners. That was a hilarious moment that I will always remember from my first visit in Copenhagen.”